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             Hanjiang Machine Tool Co., Ltd (HJMT) was set up by state investment in 1969. As a productive base of the thread grinders, one of the large key enterprises in machinery industry in China, HJMT at present has 2300 employees, in which more than 300 are the senior and middle technical people. There are a national thread grinding machine research center and a Shaanxi rolling functional device research center in HJMT. Up to now HJMT has obtained more than 70 research achievements, the research levels of which at least are provincial ones. In these research achievements some have filled in vacancy of Chinese i...
      Tel: 0086 916 2298015
      Fax: 0086 916 2296146
      E-mail: export@hjmtc.cn  
      E-mail: hehengrong@hotmail.com

      Copyright of: Shaanxi Hanjiang Machine Tool Co., Ltd.  Record number: 05008229 -1  

       Tel: 0086 916 2296 146      135 0916 8925  Fax:0086 916 2296 146 

      Address: Hedongdian Town, Hanzhong City, Shaanxi Province, China   E-mail:export@hjmtc.cn  hehengrong@hotmail.com

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